Kenapa IUI Saya Gagal ?

Dr Agilan menjelaskan kenapa IUI mungkin tidak berjaya bagi sesetengah pasangan TTC. Jika IUI tidak berjaya , pasangan TTC mungkin perlukan IVF

A Video To Inspire & Give Hope

To all couples who are facing temporary hurdles to get pregnant, nothing is music to their ears than hearing their baby’s heart beat sound. Never give up and keep trying. I made this video to inspire and give hope to all of you..

Project Baby : Application

Project Baby was started towards the end of 2018 to raise fund to sponsor two (2) IVF for couples. Dr Agilan Arjunan aims to provide 2 couples with free IVF .

Towards Parenthood : IUI or IVF ?

How female and male infertility factors decide your fertility treatment , IUI or IVF ? Dr Agilan (KL Fertility Centre) conducts a forum to help TTC couples.