Male Infertility Test Simplified

Male infertility is more prevalent than before. Male infertility specialist, Dr Agilan Arjunan explains about male fertility tests.

Lelaki Semakin Tidak Subur

Male factor infertility in Malaysia is on the rise. “Male infertility need to be addressed adequately to achieve a successful pregnancy” says Dr Agilan Arjunan

Chinese Population Steadily Declining : New Straits Times

Dr Agilan Arjunan, Fertility specialist explains why Chinese population in Malaysia is declining.

Astro V Buzz : Male Infertility (Video)

Male infertility is a reason for at least 40-50% of IVF. Fertility Specialist,Dr Agilan from KL Fertility Centre,Malaysia explains about male infertility.

Media Permata – Brunei

Kadar fertiliti lelaki Malaysia membimbangkan , tulis Media Permata dari Brunei.

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