Are You Ready To Celebrate Father’s Day?

by Dr. Agilan Arjunan, Fertility Specialist & Gynaecologist, evelyn Fertility & Women Specialist Clinic (Malaysia)   Happy Father’s Day to all fathers around the world. This day celebrates the dedication and effort that you have silently put in even before you embraced fatherhood. Couples who endured through the challenges of infertility , especially the maleContinue reading “Are You Ready To Celebrate Father’s Day?”

DR.A’s Newsletter : Men’s Special Issue

by Dr.Agilan Arjunan, Fertility Specialist & Gynaecologist, KL (Malaysia)    In this special issue for men’s health month, Dr.Agilan gives updates about male infertility. He writes a summary of new and valuable information for couples facing with male infertility which eventually will help them succeed in their parenthood and IVF journey. Click here: Dr. A’sContinue reading “DR.A’s Newsletter : Men’s Special Issue”

Night Handphone Usage & Reduction in Sperm Quality

by Dr Agilan Arjunan, Fertility Specialist & Gynaecologist , KL ( Malaysia)   Recent evidence suggests that more screen time from handphone or tablets before bedtime is associated with lower sperm quality. More sleeping time is associated with improvement in sperm quality. This study proves that lifestyle habits are the major culprit for male infertility.Continue reading “Night Handphone Usage & Reduction in Sperm Quality”

Male Infertility : Azoospermia

Azoospermia is not the end of fatherhood. Take early action and speak to your fertility doctor who has experience managing male infertility . Medical or surgical treatment may help you to to get pregnant via an IVF.