Video : Basic Fertility Tests

Dr.Agilan, Fertility Specialist, explains about basic fertility tests that a couple needs in order to guide them and save cost.

6 Lessons You Can Learn From COVID-19

6 lessons we can learn from coronavirus pandemic. Dr Agilan asks all of you to start thinking how are we changing ourselves to make a better future.

1 Minute with Dr.A : COVID-19 and Pregnancy

Dr . Agilan Arjunan, Fertility Specialist (KL Fertility Centre) answers 3 most important questions asked by aspiring mothers regarding COVID-19. Watch his IGTV

IVF Without Injection

As a fertility doctor, I suggest a young couple who needs an IVF to discuss about IVF protocol without or with very minimal injections. In my practice , I see a good success rate if the couples are selected properly. 

The End Game : IUI or IVF ?

IUI or IVF ? Dr A. Agilan explains how you can decide the right fertility treatment for you in his fertility forum. You can also directly email him for advise.

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