1 Minute with Dr A : PGS

Dr Agilan , a Fertility Specialist, explains about PGS and how it can improve your IVF success rate. Follow Dr Agilan Instagram account to watch other videos in this series.

Recipe For Successful IVF : Video

To improve IVF success rate, preparations needs to be done even before the IVF cycle. Dr Agilan, Fertility Specialist , discusses ways to improve IVF success.

Talking About Male Infertility

Male infertility is as important as female infertility in trying to achieve a successful pregnancy. Fertility Specialist, Dr Agilan Arjunan, explains about male infertility.

Frozen Embryo Transfer: “Ice Ice Baby”

Frozen embryo transfer can improve IVF pregnancy success rate. Learn how it helps from Fertility Specialist, Dr Agilan Arjunan,KL Fertility Centre.

Laparoscopy (Key hole) Surgery (Parenthood Magazine)

Eventough IVF can overcome many causes of infertility, your fertility specialist may suggest laparoscopy surgery before an IVF to increases IVF success rate.