Covid 19 Vaccination and Infertility : Update

by Dr. Agilan Arjunan, Fertility Specialist & Gynaecologist, evelyn Women Specialist Clinic ( Malaysia) Important Points: People of reproductive age are advised to take Covid 19 vaccination Covid 19 Vaccination does not affect fertility You can take vaccination during fertility treatment, but plan appropriate timing with your doctor There is no reason to believe thatContinue reading “Covid 19 Vaccination and Infertility : Update”

Why My IUI Failed ?

Dr Agilan , a Fertility Specialist , explains why an IUI may not have worked for you. This understanding is important for you to decide if IVF is your next option.

You Shouldn’t Feel Ashamed Talking about IVF

You shouldn’t feel ashamed talking about IVF. Infertility is still a taboo topic . Only a change in our mindset will break this taboo.

Silent Pain : Endometriosis

Many women suffer silently from endometriosis due to under diagnosis. It affects their fertility. Dr Agilan, fertility doctor, explains.

Galeri Nasional ( RTM 2) Interview: Part 2

Galeri Nasional RTM 2 interviewed Dr Agilan Arjunan, Fertility Specialist & Gynaecologist, about issues related to male and female infertility and IVF.