Dr Agilan Arjunan

Inspirations by a Fertility Specialist

Azoospermia may be able to be treated with oral medications. See a fertility specialist to assess your suitability to take the pills.

Join this free fertility forum. Dr Agilan, a fertility doctor , will speak about how and when you need to start IUI or an IVF. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Cost of an IVF / ICSI can be reduced by following these tips. Dr Agilan, Fertility Specialist, shares his tips to reduce your IVF cost.

IVF/ICSI improves pregnancy rate significantly. Dr Agilan, Fertility Specialist, explains why it is important to aim for life birth rather than pregnancy rate

To improve IVF success rate, preparations needs to be done even before the IVF cycle. Dr Agilan, Fertility Specialist , discusses ways to improve IVF success.

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