“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”~ Leonardo da Vinci.

Welcome to dragilan.com.  This is an initiative to educate, disseminate and share both male and female fertility news and facts with you.

I believe in simplicity and it is reflected in how I designed this blog.

The write ups are neatly divided into their own category : Female and Male fertility, Fertility surgery and Fertility news, which you may easily find at the menus above .

You may have many other burning questions which may be answered in my ‘What Is On Your Mind? segment. This is a compilation of those burning questions that patients ask, which I have complied over the years.

‘Inspire Your Own Journey’ segment contains true inspirational fertility journeys of couples which I have collected over the years.

I hope you will find these blog both useful and inspirational to keep the flame of HOPE burning in your path towards parenthood.


Yours truly,






Dr Agilan Arjunan MRCOG

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