1 Minute with Dr.A : COVID-19 and Pregnancy

by Dr. Agilan Arjunan, Fertility Specialist & Gynaecologist ,KL Fertility Centre ( Malaysia) 

Top 3 questions my patients ask me regarding COVID-19 and Pregnancy :

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  1. Are pregnant women more at risk of getting COVID-19 infection ?
  • At the moment , pregnant women does not appear to be at higher risk of getting COVID-19 compared to the general population.
  • Pregnant women do undergo changes in their bodies which makes them more susceptible to other infections
  • Majority of pregnant women may show only mild to moderate flu like symptoms


2. Can COVID-19 cause any problem during pregnancy ?

  • Currently we do not know if COVID-19 infection causes any problem during pregnancy or to be baby after delivery.
  • Currently there is no evidence of intrauterine infection from COVID-19
  • It is assumed that probably there is no affect on intrauterine fetal growth


3. Can COVID-19 be transmitted from mother to baby ?

  • We do not know if COVID-19 can be transmitted from mother to baby. 


Sources :

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  2. https://www.rcog.org.uk/globalassets/documents/guidelines/2020-03-21-covid19-pregnancy-guidance-2118.pdf




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