Project Baby : Application

by Dr Agilan Arjunan , Fertility Specialist&Gynaecologist , KL Fertility Centre ( Malaysia) 


Project Baby was started towards the end of 2018 to raise fund to sponsor two (2) IVF for couples.

See video below for more info regarding Project Baby .

Application opens now till 14th May 2019.

Click here to apply. 


Published by Dr Agilan Arjunan

A Fertility Specialist who inspires couples with infertility including male infertility to optimise their fertility treatment to achieve a successful pregnancy

6 thoughts on “Project Baby : Application

  1. Kawin sudah 22 tahun belum dapat anak. Umur isteri. 42
    Umur suami. 53
    Sudah buat ivf 2 kali tidak berjaya.
    Mintak nasiat doctor


  2. Saya zila ..kawin dr 2010..
    9tahun perkahwinan
    suami 45thn
    istri 36thn

    mohon pencerahan berkenaan ivf . teringin nak zuriat sendiri


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