Fibroid and Infertility

by Dr Agilan Arjunan, Fertility Specialist , KL Fertility Centre (Malaysia)


Many of you may be familiar with the 2003 movie ‘Pirates of The Caribbean : The Curse of The Black Pearl’. The curse of the Aztec King made the pirates, who stole the golds,  undead and miserable.

Let me tell you of another curse that existed long ago that till today plagues our women…The curse of the Fibroid.

According to medical history, in the periods of Hippocrates in 460-375 BC , it was known as ‘uterine stone’. The first surgery for fibroid was done for the American President Abraham Lincoln’s cousin in 1809. The term fibroid was introduced in 1860.

Many women have fibroid , so what is the curse?

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Causes of Male Infertility

By Dr Agilan Arjunan, Fertility Specialist, KL Fertility Centre (Malaysia)



‘Male infertility is on the rise’, that’s a fact that many men realise now. However, the bigger question is WHY ?

Are we (the males) doing something wrong or are we not doing something right that is giving rise to male infertility in recent years.

Let us look at what can lead to male infertility . Generally, the causes of male infertility can be broadly divided into :

a) Sperm production problems

b) Sperm transport blockage problems

c) Sexual problems

d) Hormonal and sperm antibody problem (rare)

Worldwide statistics and from my own experience managing male infertility, the majority of men have either sperm production or blockage of sperm transport pathway or a combination of both.

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