Coffee Increases Miscarriage

by Dr Agilan Arjunan , Fertility Specialist & Gynaecologist , KL Fertility Centre ( Malaysia) . 

Miscarriage is any woman’s nightmare. It is devastating to go through a miscarriage especially after a long struggle with infertility and having gone through treatment such as an IVF.

What causes miscarriage ?

  • In the first 12 weeks :
    • Genetic problem with the unborn baby
    • Problems with the placental development (placenta is the structure linking mother’s blood flow to the baby)
    • Mother’s age (higher risk with advanced age)
    • Obesity , alcohol, smoking
  • From 13-24 weeks:
    • Mother’s illness such as Diabetes, high blood pressure
    • Infection such as Rubella, HIV
    • Food poisoning
    • Certain medicine such as misoprostol
    • Uterine or cervical problems

To add to this growing lists is COFFEE. Yes, too much coffee can increase the risk of miscarriage !

For both male and female, drinking more than 2 caffeinated drinks per day increases risk of miscarriage:

  • For female : 74% increase (hazards ratio 1.74)
  • For male     : 73% increase (hazards ratio 1.73)

I know it’s a headache thinking about how to avoid miscarriage but more importantly remember that coffee is not the answer for your headache ! It might just bring your nightmare closer to reality.

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