Fertility Programming (Parenthood Magazine)

by Dr Agilan Arjunan, Fertility Specialist,KL Fertility Centre (Malaysia)

Becoming a parent is a natural process for many. For some, the journey becomes a little bit more difficult. Some needs helps in terms of fertility treatments or an IVF. Learn about some dos’ and don’ts for both woman and  man in their journey towards parenthood.


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Pirates of Fertility (Parenthood Magazine)

by Dr Agilan Arjunan, Fertility Specialist, KL Fertility Centre (Malaysia)

Link : https://dragilan.com/2017/05/08/fibroid-infertility-ivf-dr-agilan-fertility-specialist-kl-fertility-centre-malaysia/


Pirates of Fertility

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Laparoscopy (Key hole) Surgery (Parenthood Magazine)

by Dr Agilan Arjunan, Fertility Specialist, KL Fertility Centre (Malaysia)

Link : http://www.star2.com/health/wellness/2016/10/09/what-is-keyhole-surgery/

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I can’t have sexual intercourse (Vaginismus)

Inspiration 1 :

This couple came to see me on a busy clinic day on a Saturday.

Since Saturday is a half day clinic, usually the flow of patients are quite fast. They came into the room and we greeted each other. However, I noticed that they appear a bit nervous. “Probably their first visit to a fertility clinic” I thought to myself.

“Hi, good morning . I’m Dr Agilan. How can I help you ?”. 

“Doc, we have difficulty having sex for the past 5 years”, said the wife. Husband just looked at me.

I stopped and adjusted my posture. I thought to myself, ” This couple needs help and I am not going to rush them through, even if its a Saturday”.

They have been married for 5 years now. They are both 38 years of age and this the first marriage for both of them. They have been unable to have penetrative sexual intercourse.

“I feel pain during penetration, I become very anxious and tighten up involuntarily. I have tried to relax but I can’t. I tend to push him away without me realising it ” she said as she looked at her husband.

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Vitamin D and Infertility (Parenthood Magazine)

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