Fertility Programming (Parenthood Magazine)

“Becoming a parent is a natural process but some couples needs helps in terms of fertility treatments or an IVF”, says Dr Agilan,KL Fertility Centre,Malaysia

Pirates of Fertility (Parenthood Magazine)

Fibroids can affect your chances to get pregnant , even with an IVF. DR Agilan, Fertility Specialist, explains why fibroids can rob you of your fertility

Laparoscopy (Key hole) Surgery (Parenthood Magazine)

Eventough IVF can overcome many causes of infertility, your fertility specialist may suggest laparoscopy surgery before an IVF to increases IVF success rate.

I can’t have sexual intercourse (Vaginismus)

Pain during sex is not uncommon for a woman. Dr Agilan, a Fertility specialist, tells you a true story and how you can overcome vaginismus.

Vitamin D and Infertility (Parenthood Magazine)

Dr Agilan, Fertility Specialist, writes about how Vitamin D deficiency can affect your chances to get pregnant.